Carbon CIC Series Industrial Water Filter cartridge activated carbon impregnated cellulose filter to remove odor and Pigment

Carbon Impregnated Cellulose (CIC) Filter Cartridges combine the performance of depth filtration with the absorption of activated carbon fine. The outside deep filter media can remove particles while the activated carbon held within the filter cloth can absorb the smell, odor, sediment, pigment. VOC, and organic chemicals. The inside fiber filter prevents carbon particles and fine pollutants form passing through, thus increasing an efficient quality and integrated filtration.

Products Details

Product characteristics:
• Nominal 5 / 10 micron removal rating
• Excellent dirt-holiding capacity
•  Filtration and adsorption finished in one time process
Product specification:
Dimension: [Removal Rating]: 5um,10um
[Length]: 9.84"(250mm), 19.68"(508mm), 29.52"(750mm), 39.36"(1000mm)
[OD]: Ø 65mm
[ID]: Ø 30mm
Material of Constructions: [Media]:Carbon Impregnated Cellulose
[Core]: Polypropylene(PP)
[End cap]: Polypropylene(PP)
[Net]:  Polyethylene(PE)
Performance: [Max. Operating temperature]: 60℃
Order Information
Series Number Romoval Rating Length OD
FWCIC 5um=5 9.84"(250mm)=984 65mm
10um=10 19.68"(500mm)=19
For Example: FWCIC-5-19-65
  The carbon rod filter element has excellent adsorption performance of granular activated carbon, and effectively overcomes the defect of carbon powder leakage in the use of all activated carbon filters. With the precision filtration characteristics of tubular elements, it can effectively remove organic matter, particles, rust, residual chlorine, peculiar smell, etc. in the liquid. High filtration precision, small pressure loss, large flow, large pollutant carrying capacity, long service life, non-toxic, tasteless and no secondary pollution; Strong adsorption capacity; High mechanical strength; Uniform density, long service life and good dechlorination effect. The compressed activated carbon filter element is made of superfine polypropylene fiber hot melt entanglement Superfine fibers rely on their own adhesion and entanglement to randomly form a three-dimensional microporous structure in space. The connection between fibers does not need any adhesive. In particular, it has the characteristics of gradient change of radial fibers. It is a complex of porous and fabric filter media On the one hand, it can form deep filtration (the characteristics of porous filter materials) and on the other hand, it can form surface filtration (the characteristics of fabric filter materials). It is a composite filter material integrating pre filtration, fine filtration and gravity sedimentation. It has been widely used in the purification of raw drinking water, the filtration of industrial pure water and the filtration of other fluids The granular activated carbon filter element puts the required activated carbon particles into the special plastic shell, uses the welding equipment to weld the end cover on the two end faces of the shell, and puts the non-woven filter sheets for filtration at both ends of the shell to ensure that the carbon core will not drop carbon powder and black water during use According to the needs of customers, the shell end cover can be made into different types of connection port applications

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